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Tiki Ghosn, Mike Pierce & Ben Saunders: MMA2DAY Show Guests Sunday November 6

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MMA2DAY Show the show that talks about MMA today, and is thinking about MMA’s tomorrow!

MMA2DAY Show airs on WSBR 740 AM South Florida as well as live on the internet.

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MMA2DAY Show is a Sweet Sports & Entertainment Production

Show Hosts: Jim Sweet, Tom Caprio & Mike Van Arsdal

Executive Producer: Penny Buffington

MMA2DAY Show Guests Sunday November 6:

Tiki Ghosn Team Bisping Coach & Arianny Celeste boyfriend
Mike Pierce UFC on Fox 1, Nov 12th in Anaheim
Ben Saunders Bellator Welterweight Finals Nov 12


Mike Pierce


Ben Saunders

MMA2DAY Show a Sweet Sports and Entertainment Production began airing June 6, 2010.

Some Past Guests:

Jeff Monson, Jen Boronico, Tony Johnson, Travis Browne, Daniel Cormier, Marcus DaMatta, Bruce Buffer,Cole Miller, Jessica Aguilar, Shonie Carter, Cung Le, Matt Hughes, Frankie Edgar, Clay Guida, Jake Shields, Lacey Schuckman, Angela Magana, Sarah Kaufman, Chael Sonnen, Jacob “Stitch” Duran, Brian Stann, Shane Del Rasario, Vladimir Matyushenko, Steve Mazzagatti, Joe Soto, David Mitchell , Spencer Paige, Mark Stevens, Rich Attonito, Josh Thompson, Mike Guymon, Billy Evangelista, Igor Almeida, KJ Noons, Donovan Craig, Diego Sanchez, Jorge Rivera, Fight Time Promotion’s CEO/Founder- Howard Davis Jr., Miesha Tate, Mike Bruno, Tim Kennedy, Dan Henderson, Mike Miller- Owner/Promoter of X-1 World Events, Gilbert Melendez, Erik Paulson, Danny Downes, Fabricio Werdum, Justin Wilcox, Gray Maynard, Jeremy Stephens, Jimmy Ninja Chaikong, Anthony Pettis, Nick Hinchliffe, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, Mike Van Arsdale, Michael Shoffner, Kim Couture, Rich Franklin, Rashad Evans, Bellator Announcer- Sean Wheelock, Ronnie Mann, Thiago Alves, Mike Swick, Din Thomas, Combat Consulting- Robert Hines, Marcus Davis, Mark Munoz, Antwain Britt, Roy Nelson, Felice Herrig, Urijah Faber, Cub Swanson

Message From Andrei The Pit Bull Arlovski Concerning his Fight Tonight Nov. 5

Andrei The Pit Bull Arlovski Community Site

A message to all members of Team Pit Bull

Thank you to all of my friends and fans who have shown me so much support, with all my ups and downs. I really appreciate it and will do my best in the cage tonight! Onward to Victory!

Visit Team Pit Bull at:

Saturday 9PM ET HDNet Fights: ProElite – Big Guns

Two former UFC Heavyweight Champions enter the cage as Tim Sylvia takes on Andreas Kraniotakes and Andrei Arlovski meets Travis Fulton. Plus, the first round of the Heavyweight Grand Prix.

UFC 138 Weigh-In Photo Gallery, Fight Card, & Fight Info

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view entire album

UFC 138: Facebook Fights Stream Live Saturday at 1:40 pm ET/10:40 am PT: Watch five prelims live & free online

Saturday, November 05

Birmingham, England

I know that he’s gonna refuse to lose, so I’m gonna have to put him away.”- Chris Leben
I feel like Ive arrived in the middleweight division and I feel like its my time to go for the world title. Mark Munoz
UFC 138 is headlined by the five round non-title middleweight bout between Chris Leben and Mark Munoz, and the bantamweight showdown between Brad Pickett and Renan Barao. For viewing info, go to
Mark Munoz (186) VS Chris Leben (186)

Renan Barao (136) VS Brad Pickett (134)  
Papy Abedi (170) VS Thiago Alves (171*)
Edward Faaloloto (155) VS Terry Etim (156)
Anthony Perosh (205) VS Cyrille Diabate (206)

Justin Edwards (170) VS John Maguire (170)
Jason Young (145) VS Michihiro Omigawa (145)  
Phil De Fries (243) VS Rob Broughton (258)
Che Mills (169) VS Chris Cope (170)
Vaughan Lee (135) VS Chris Cariaso (135)

*Alves made weight on his second attempt after initially weighing in at 172 pounds

Dana Whites Moms Video Interview is Down: Here are some Highlights

 Jerry Millen is Back With Another Attack on Dana White and This Time He Brought Dana’s Psycho Mom For Back-UP

When Dana White’s mom released a “tell-all” book a few months back, we all figured that it was a result of sour grapes for not being cut a check when Dana started making stacks of cash.

Now we’re pretty sure we were right and that this crazy woman has some sort of vendetta against her son, considering she’s teamed up with one of Dana’s most bitter enemies, Jerry Millen for the scathing interview above. Millen posted the video on YouTube under the pseudonym “louisthompson90010,” but it’s clear that it’s him posing some of the questions. It’s sad really that he would travel on his own dime to interview this spiteful woman in an effort to make Dana look bad.

Millen’s motives become clear from the get go and you can see that through choppy editing and leading questions that he was able to make June White seem like an even more bitter estranged parent than she already did when she called Dana Rosemary’s Baby and claimed he had no soul.

Some highlights of the combined douchebaggery of JW and JM :

• June decided to start talking ill of her son when his grandmother died and he didn’t take care of her as allegedly promised and didn’t go to the funeral

• She believes her son takes steroids

• She accuses Dana of cheating on his wife, calls the marriage “a joke” and says he “puts Tiger Woods to Shame”

• She claims to “know for sure” that Dana is sleeping with plenty of the ring card girls including Amber Nicole and Rachelle Leah

• She says Dana slept with his sister-in-law in her house

• She alleges Dana got the worst black eye she’s ever seen and nearly lost his eye after his wife attacked him on their honeymoon

• Mr. Vendetta Millen claims to have first hand knowledge of the FTC investigation of the UFC because he was interviewed by them

• For whatever reason, Millen asks Dana’s mom if she thinks the UFC has a monopoly in MMA and *GASP* she does

• She claims she has never asked Dana for a cent and that she paid her own way to go to events when they were on good terms, which is odd since Dana has been known to foot the bill for airfare and hotels for random fans to go to shows

• She also claims that she didn’t write the book for money, she did it to make Dana check himself and hopefully become a better person. If this is true, wouldn’t a heartfelt letter to her son have been a more constructive option?

• She opines that maybe Dana needs a shrink to deal with his problems. Finding out he was switched at birth would better do the trick.

• At the end of the interview she actually invited Dana to come see her so they can talk. Seriously. It would make more sense that she was Jerry Millen’s mom.

• She alleges that her smear campaign against Dana “was tough” and that “anyone as a parent can certainly understand that.” Really? Because I’m a parent and I’m pretty sure I would never try to publicly slander and humiliate my kid, but that’s just me.

• She says she still loves him, but “would love to see him change” and “make things the way she wants them” and to have her “old Dana back”

• She tries to play the guilt card by saying that it’s unfair to Dana’s kids that she doesn’t get to see them. Like you could trust her not to fill their heads with bullshit like this.

Man. I’m shocked that a team of lawyers haven’t shown up at her door. That woman is crazy. Remind me to send my mom some flowers.

HDNet Fights: Tim Sylvia takes on Andreas Kraniotakes and Andrei Arlovski meets Travis Fulton




Friday 10PM ET HDNet Fights: Strikeforce World Grand Prix: Heavyweight Semi-Finals Undercard

Mike Kyle meets Marcos Rogerio de Lima and former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Rafael Feijao Cavalcante takes on Olympic wrestler Yoel Romero. Plus Evangelista Cyborg Santos vs. Jordan Mein and Amanda Nunes vs. Alexis Davis.


Saturday 9PM ET HDNet Fights: ProElite Big Guns

Two former UFC Heavyweight Champions enter the cage as Tim Sylvia takes on Andreas Kraniotakes and Andrei Arlovski meets Travis Fulton. Plus, the first round of the Heavyweight Grand Prix.


Monday 8PM ET Inside MMA LIVE

Inside MMA is your opportunity to step inside the world of MMA and find out what it takes to be a champion. Kenny and Bas are joined by the sports top fighters and news makers to discuss and analyze the latest in MMA. Plus event highlights and Ron Kruck provides news and features.


Video: UFC 138 Weigh In Results Headliners Chris Leben and Mark Munoz have to be Separated

Main Bouts (Tape-Delayed on Spike TV/Live in U.K. and Canada):
-Chris Leben (186) vs. Mark Munoz (186)
-Brad Pickett (134) vs. Renan Barão (136)
-Thiago Alves (171) vs. Papy Abedi (170)*
-Cyrille Diabate (206) vs. Anthony Perosh (205)
-Terry Etim (156) vs. Edward Faaloloto (155)

Preliminary Bouts (On Facebook):
-John Maguire (170) vs. Justin Edwards (170)
-Michihiro Omigawa (145) vs. Jason Young (145)
-Rob Broughton (258) vs. Phil De Fries (243)
-Chris Cope (170) vs. Che Mills (169)
-Chris Cariaso (135) vs. Vaughn Lee (135)

Tank Abbotts Strip Club Fight Takes Place Anyway

Tank Abbott and Scott Ferrozzo brawl in a backyard

Kimbo Slice famously went from brawling in a backyard to fighting in the UFC. Now history has repeated itself, in reverse.

15 years ago, when the sport of Mixed Martial Arts was in diapers, Tank Abbott and Scott Ferrozzo had a ferocious fight in the cage.

Over the past several months, they exchanged words, and a fight was planned allegedly in an Ohio strip club. When word of the bout reached the Ohio State Athletic Commission, inspectors checked the facility, and apparently a new venue was decided up someones large backyard!

A website has been set up to market video of the contest as well as related autographed memorabilia.

In the video, Tank is seen wandering around a large backyard with a brush fire in one corner, and a dog barking in the background. Maybe a dozen people or more are milling about.

Sound quality is equivalent to being in a tinfoil tent in the middle of a rainstorm.

Scott Ferrozzo ambles into the picture wearing a grey rash guard and Everlast fight gloves, and it is on. Tank is wearing SEG-era UFC gloves.

The Bg John McCarthy equivalent can be seem in the flannel shirt at below right.

Ferrozzo gets the edge initially, backing up Tank. Tank ties up and lands some nasty body shots. Tank separates and then lands a big overhand right, taking Ferrozzos knees.

Now Tank is in top Side control, but breathing heavily. Tank is landng short shots from top. Ferrozzo appears unphased, but cannot move much.

At the three minute mark, Tank is riding on top, and Ferrozzo is slowly bleeding.

Ferrozo rolls, and is now facing down. This concludes the changes in grapplng for the entire 15 round.

At the five minute mark, Tank is still whaling away. Ferrozzo says Its nothing. Both guys are breathing hard, Tank especialy.

Tank: Youre still tough for an old man.
Ferrozzo: Whooooo, is this fun.

With every shot Ferrozzo is saying Nope. This happens a lot. Ferrozzo suddenly yells out Whooo is this fun, nothing like it in the world

At the haflway mark Ferrozzo, face down, clamps down on Tanks gloves. Tank is struggling to free his arms, and is gassing hard.

At 10 minutes Tank gets an arm free. Ferrozzo quickly grabs Tanks arms again.

Perhaps to pass the time the referee is asking them of this brings backs memories. Were just old guys now replies Ferrozzo. Tank nods and adds, This is f fun though.

Crowd discusses whether stand ups are allowed? They determine that under UFC 1 rules there are no stand ups.

An armless Tank knees Ferrozzo. That dont do f I got too big a belly, Ferrozzo accurately explains.

Ferrozzo replies with a NOPE to at least three  dozen shots. Bleeding, swelling, and from bottom he crows I cant be f hurt … you see the size of my head? I cant be f hurt I got a big mother f head.

At 12 minutes Tank appears to go for a choke of sorts. You cant choke me out, says a laughing Ferrozzo, who adds I got too big a fhead.

Unable to move, Ferrozzo starts to talk, instead. This is what its all about f pussies in the UFC, fuck them mother f This is what its all about right here. Hes too big to motherf throw off. I cannot be f hurt. I am a f beast. Nothing mother f hurts me.

At 15 minutes the round ends and they are stood up.

There is some confusion about rest periods and overtime,  but the onlookers determine that there will be a one minute rest period and a three minute overtime.

Rest period is longer than a minute.

Scott wanders by a picnic table.

They hug and the overtime starts. Tank is a little cautious. Ferrozzo is milling wildly.

They exchange bombs and tie up.

They separate, and Tank bends over gassing hard , Ferrozzo appears to wait in a gentlemanly fashion.

Ferrozzo lets Tank punch him several times in the face.

Tank gasses, and is bent over nearly double.

Time is called.

They hug good naturedly.

Tank is given some sort of decision.

They probably drank a lot later on.

Both guys will be sanctioned by the Ohio AC.

Rashad Evans says, My Brazilian teammates hate Chael, hate him, like real bad

WHOA! TV in conjunction with Bleacher Reports Jonathan Shrager proudly present and indepth conversation with the UFCs Rashad Evans.

On Greg Jackson

I was kind of upset about the way things went down between the two of us, but I played my part in the whole thing. Its not completely all Gregs fault the way things went down. So to me, it feels like he was wrong, and for him, he feels like I wronged him.

I dont know man, time heals all things.

At the end of it it is about the relationships you make along the way and competing. We had a good relationship before, so who knows hat could happen after all this is said and done?

On Chael Sonnen

My Brazilian teammates hate Chael, hate him, like real bad. Danilo Villefort said if the UFC gave him a chance, hed fight him for free.

Chaels just being Chael, I dont think he means everything he says hes selling a fight, you know? But at the same time, hes offending a lot of people.

Chaels a bright guy, I think hes just getting carried away there.

On Jon Jones

The UFC told me to go in there, idiot. Dont  get mad at me, get mad at Dana White.

Jon Jones cant help but to jack my swagger. At first I was kind of bothered by it, but now I am kind of flattered. He cant help it. Hes jacking my swagger and he dont even know hes jacking my swagger. He looks up to me.

Im going to take his spirit

Article From:

Shane Carwin is Motivated to Fight

6 hours ago
Shane Carwin Send Private Message Add Comment To Profile

Member Since: 10/11/06
Posts: 1356

I got a surprise call today saying that a rumor is floating around about me retiring. I guess some people must be wishful thinking. For me the choice to have a surgery was easy. My Doc did not tell me surgery was the only option for a normal life. He said to KEEP FIGHTING surgery is the only thing that will stop my body from locking up. I could probably even continue fighting and risk it happening in a fight or while training. What my team and I decided was that I have no interest in just Fighting and crossing I want to be a champion. The UFC Heavyweight Champion to be specific. So I am going to have this surgery and be back better then ever. I have a lot to accomplish and I intend on punishing everyone they put infront of me. To beat the best you have to be able to train like the best. So surgery will allow me do that.

I may be an older fighter but I have less cage time then most if not all of the Athletes in the UFC. I have accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time. I have a lot more to accomplish. I will be back to the guy that is big and hits you so hard Joe Rogan gets a headache. I am going to knock people out and finish fights. The UFC is going to have to get special financing just to cover the KO and FoN bonuses they are going to have to dish out to me.

See you soon


Duel for Domination Nov. 26 Phoenix AZ Tickets

Please like Duel for Domination: and follow Duel for Domination!/Duel4Domination

Ayala Promotions in conjunction with Spine Crank Clothing and Worldwide USA a subsidiary of Worldwide Mixed Martial Arts Sports Inc
Duel for Domination

Saturday November 26, 2011

Club Doors @ 6:00 PM
Theatre Doors @ 7:00 PM
Showtime: 8:00 PM

Rows 1 = $103.00
Rows 2-5 = $78.00
Rows 6-13 = $53.00
Rows 14-25 = $28.00

Seating is in the Round.

All tickets purchased within 10 days of the show will be placed at will call.

Please Call Wayne @ 602- 418- 1134 and indicate you want to purchase Duel for Domination tickets through PennyJoMMA


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